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4 Places to Enjoy Food and Drinks in Dublin

If you enjoy nights out in Dublin as a favourite way to unwind while having delicious food and drinks, you might find that the city offers many alternatives. Although searching for the right place to go to might seem like a tiresome task, Seapoint Restaurant makes it easier for you with our reviews for the best venues available to visit.


For those Italian food lovers, this is the place to be, as the cosy and small establishment serves top-quality dishes such as their Samphire Succulents.

Since it only accommodates 38 people, the best way to ensure you get a table is to make a reservation. It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but the quality of service and food is worth it.

4 Places to Enjoy Food and Drinks in Dublin etto - 4 Places to Enjoy Food and Drinks in Dublin

Brother Hubbard

If you are looking for a nice place to go and enjoy an off-the-grid dinner, this venue’s no-Wi-Fi policy might make it attractive to you. With two locations in the city, this restaurant is constantly expanding, as their menu features meals everybody loves like their Beans and Pulled Pork.

Brother Hubbard might have become a trendy spot to head to, but this has not hindered their quality.

Bar 1661

This wonderful bar features a number of drinks and cocktails with the particular Poitín ingredient, as it is their speciality. If you are looking for a great place to go grab a Guinness or some Irish whiskey, they have those to offer as well.

Although this is no mainstream place, they have managed to earn prizes for Best Bar Team and Best Overall Cocktail Bar.

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Dublin is a wonderful lively city to enjoy a night out, as the venues we have reviewed perfectly show it. The city offers options to fit any type of night out you want to enjoy, from little Italian restaurants to lively bars and pubs.