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We are an online-based company dedicated to letting our customers know all about the best bars and restaurants in Dublin and Ireland. Although we are mostly an online operation, we also provide services in person for those interested in a more hands-on experience.

Seapoint Restaurant was born from a group of friends lead by our founder Natasha Ford, who had the idea to turn our many nights out in the city into a business. Since we all had enough information and experiences with bars and restaurants in Dublin, we all jumped in at the idea and it quickly blossomed into reality.

First, we gathered as much information as possible. Then we needed a way to share this. We chose this online platform as the best way to reach as many people as possible with our knowledge and expertise.

Our Values and Drive

The team working behind Seapoint Restaurant believes that our customers deserve the most accurate information and pride ourselves on our thoroughness. Although our name is yet to become a household word, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction. We are an expanding business dedicated to reaching out to new customers.

Our customers’ trust and satisfaction are paramount in our outlook. As a result, we are service-oriented and consider our customer support to be of the highest standards. Our service and support attitude is contagious and we receive many reviews saying not only that working with us is a pleasure but even fun.

Why Trust Seapoint Restaurant

Here at Seapoint Restaurant, we are firm believers that our success comes from your satisfaction. Affordable pricing, quality service, and the best information to suit your plans are how we will succeed.

Referrals are always a major part of any service company trying to grow. Our doing well for you means you will tell your friends about us.

Our staff are courteous, friendly and always trying to ensure you have the best experience possible. Choosing Seapoint Restaurant assures you of receiving top-quality service. Our focus is always on you, as our hope is that you too join us in this fun atmosphere for our customers.

We specialize in the Dublin area, but bars and restaurants across Ireland are yours to review when you join Seapoint Restaurant. You can contact our friendly customer support staff via the email address posted on the Contact Us page.

Your satisfaction is our success and we will get you off and running quickly and see to it that you have a wonderful time. Join us today!